FULL SERVICE DIGITAL PRODUCTION for professional aerial cinematography and photography

Video Advertising

Advertise your business  BREATHTAKING AERIAL VIEWS to 360° interior tours

Video Brochure

Capture EXCEPTIONAL AND UNIQUE imagery from sporting events, weddings, church or school events


Fully FAA Approved & Insured for commercial drone video

FREE Aerial Drone Video Project Consultation
Scripting, Editing, Voice-Over Services, and more!

First we gather the information for your aerial drone video.

As you might know…this is an IMPORTANT exercise and will help you and us determine how we can best meet your needs for your video project.

Because of this, we take great care in coordinating each consultation and planning each video project.

Video Marketing and Advertising

  • Planning the angles and locations for the video – Plan ahead and outline the angles and locations to have clear goals for your video.
  • What are the goals of the video?
  • How long would you like your video to be?
  • Do you need professional scripting?
  • Do you need professional voice over services?
  • Do you need script editing?
  • We edit
Case Study

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We Are a Chicagoland Advertising & Marketing Agency
Specializing in Aerial Drone Video Production, Editing, and Advertising

Aerial Drone Video – The Basics for

AdFluence Tv uses the latest in drone-based technology to capture the best vantage point for your event, property, or project.

Drone photography is more than hanging a camera from a drone. The Aerial Drone Video team at AdFluence Tv will produce images that are much more than just what something looks like from above. We will captivate the viewer’s attention and provide a breathtaking experience from many vantage points above, around, and inside your event or property. If there is an angle from the air that needs to be filmed, we will capture it.

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Boundless Possibilities

Stand Out From the Crowd With

Why are aerial drone videos so compelling?

Every day, your potential new clients are watching MORE and MORE video online. Whether they want to be Entertained, Learn Something New, or they’re Shopping For The Same Products and/or Services You Offer… it just makes good sense for you to be Front-And-Center of their eyeballs!

Together, we can create and produce COMPELLING Video Segments that will convince prospects through STRONG Calls-To-Action.

WOW Prospects with Your

Your first impression will IMPRESS with professionally edited aerial drone footage

AdFluence Tv will shoot as much footage as we need to produce a professionally edited aerial drone video. For example, 10 minutes of video may provide 30-60 seconds of usable viewing. We will capture a variety of visual perspectives. AdFluence Tv will plan with you to outline your video scripting, if needed. We also provide optional editing and voiceover services.

Would you like a FREE CONSULTATION on how AdFluence Tv can create your aerial drone video?

Target & Obtain New Clients With an

AdFluence Tv can produce aerial drone videos about nearly anything, for anyone.

Without a doubt, Drone Photography has become a foundational need for your online presence. The equipment gets better and more affordable each year. AdFluence Tv can provide aerial drone video for construction, Testimonials, Interior 360", Exerior flyby's and much more..

AdFluence Tv can create and edit aerial drone video, providing a compelling vantage that captivates viewers and points in new and creative directions for your project. While the subject of your video is important, planning behind the scenes will bring your video to the next level. We are confident that we can give your drone photography the extra edge.

AdFluence Tv uses camera gimbals to capture high-quality footage by maintaining stabilized footage, even during turbulent flight. We put in the extra effort to make sure your video project is a success!

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