Visual media remains effective. It’s still one of the best ways to capture people’s attention and direct it towards your product or company. While the appeal of video advertising remains the same, the medium through which you get it towards your viewers has changed. Now, it’s about getting them in front of the screens of people interested in your products or services. TV, CELL, Tablet, And Decktop

What if you could deliver TV commercials to your targeted audience like you would a retargeting campaign?

Brand Recognition vs. Programmatic TV

Commercials have been around for a long time. Until a few years ago, they were one of the few ways to engage the audience directly and show them the product in real life. Commercials were also a way to say, ‘hey, look at me, I exist!’

Essentially, businesses used commercials to build brand awareness by delivering ads to the masses. Now we can be much more targeted. Delivering ads based on very small locations and parameters.  
Change of Thought

We understand that today, it’s not about selling the product, it’s about selling the company’s message. Use video to tell your story. They do this because that’s one of the best ways to appeal to the audience today. 

At Adfluence, we understand the power of TV commercials to connect with the audience. We aim to use this power to draw more people to you. Delivering your TV commercials to the multi-screen world: TV, desktop, tablet, and mobile.
Data Driven

One of the best features of the ads we create is that it’s based on solid internal and external data. This means that we take the time to understand your company and your target audience and create ads that would appeal to them. The ad campaigns are completely data driven and therefore, offer high levels of ROI. They are also scalable and will grow with your business.
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