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Display ads to people based on the keywords.

Deliver Advertising That Matters To Audience

Retargeting is a marketing tactic that tends to generate a massive amount of conversions. That’s because you’re targeting audience that has already expressed an interest in you and your product. There are different kinds of retargeting methods available to you today and all of them are highly effective. 

Traditional retargeting (the one that started it all) targeted only those people who visited your website. Whenever a prospective customer visited your website, a cookie was added to their browser. 

This allowed marketers to shoot ads towards prospects that had a high possibility of conversion. It essentially reminds people of their interest in your product and your services. These ads would follow people around on the internet. Good marketers will be able to understand and implement this strategy wisely.
What is Research Retargeting?

Now that you know what traditional retargeting means, what does research retargeting imply? As mentioned above, traditional retargeting targets people who have visited your website. Research retargeting targets people who have searched terms and keywords related to your industry. 

For example, if you’re a company that sells "genuine leather products", you can retarget people who have researched that search query and keywords connected to it. This is based on market research rather than visits to your website. It draws new customers to your business instead of just pulling the old customers and prospects back. Needless to say, it’s a form of retargeting that would lead to a lot of conversions.

How Do We Do It?

This form of retargeting has a lower cost per lead than most forms of marketing. You get more for the money you pay. How it works is simple. We bid on particular terms and keywords and get access to data. 

That would allow us to target users that have searched that term or keyword with our ads whenever they surf. As you can see, people who specifically target your keywords will see those ads. If they’re truly interested in the product, they’ll follow that link back to your business. 
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