Cross Device Pairing

Interconnected Device Pairing

Consider just how many screens your audience will be watching your content from. We have laptops, desktops, smart phones, smart watches, smart TVs, and even virtual reality devices. That’s only going to evolve in the future. All of these devices have immense potential but for some reason, they’re just not utilized as well as they should be, especially not with retargeting. We’re all modifying our websites for multiscreen functionality, why should we ignore that in videos? At Adfluence TV, we believe that your video ads should have multiscreen adaptability as well.
What is Multiscreen Retargeting?

Retargeting is essentially reaching out to people who have already visited your site and seen your content. These are what cookies are for. The cookies latch onto your visitor’s browser and will follow them around when they’re browsing. They will display your ads to the visitor at regular intervals, reminding them of your business and the product they just looked at. 

In multiscreen retargeting, only the multiscreen functionality is added. Have you noticed how when you looked into a product on your laptop, the ad for the same product was displayed on your smart phone browser? That’s multiscreen functionality. 

Careful Handling

Multiscreen retargeting needs to be handled carefully. You want the highest rate of conversion possible, but you don’t want to harass the prospect with ads or target the wrong viewers. This is especially vital during the video ads because they can be disruptive. 

For this, you need data. At Adfluence, we study data from internal and external sources, bringing them together to form the right retargeting agenda. We get both internal and external data using several tools and trusted resources. We make sure that your ad spend is utilized well and correctly, ensuring that all your ads are getting the right viewership. 

Why It Is Important?

People who conduct desktop or laptop search are slow to travel through the sales funnel and don’t convert easily. That’s especially true for local businesses. However, that’s not true with mobile search. In fact, most local mobile searches will lead to an in-house store visit. So if your prospective customer has visited your website on his laptop, targeting your ads towards his mobile would help too. 

That, coupled with geo-targeting, would allow you to send an ad the prospect’s way whenever they’re in the vicinity of your business. This would definitely increase your business and lead more customers to your door. That’s why we believe that multiscreen retargeting is absolutely vital.
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