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Delivering ads to people based on where they are or have been
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    GEO Fences
    300 ft. and larger

    Includes In-Person Visits!
    (Calls, SMS, CPC, Web Forms)

    Beyond Adwords and Facebook... LOCATION BASED ADVERTISING
    Mobile Phone Location Remarketing


    GPS Retargeting is revolutionizing the way small businesses market to local consumers.

    Have you ever used the GPS? Have you performed a local search, looked for a store or business near you? GPS and our phone’s location services are an integral part of our lives today. We don’t really think twice about using it and thousands of others don’t either. They leave their location services switched on, which can be an opportunity for a marketer. We can deliver ads to people based on the location these devices have visited.

    What’s GPS Remarketing?

    GPS Remarketing is a form of GEO Fencing just at a more targeted scale.  It is using the location services of mobile phones and laptops to deliver ads based on mobile phones that are visiting or have visited certain locations.

    You can draw customers that have already visited your competitor’s store with targeted ads. For example, if you’re selling a car dealership and have marked your competitor’s store with GPS targeting, you can direct your video or display ad to them and get their attention. For example, you could target the repair shop of a dealership with one type of ad and the new car lot with another and used car lot with another campaign. 

    You can draw fences about 300 ft. and larger. 

    You can also target customers that have already visited your place of business. This would remind them of your presence and encourage them to visit your store again. 

    You could also target a high schools, or hotels, or airports, convention centers, business offices,  etc.
    Auto Repair shops target other auto repair shops.
    Dentists can target other dentists.

    These targeting parameters can send ads towards people who visited any location with a smart phone. 

    Surge Above The Competition

    At Adfluence TV, we’ll use the latest analytics and data to target people who’re most likely to convert with your ads. We’ll also give you detailed reports so that you know exactly how well your money is being spent. So don’t hesitate to take advantage of GPS Conquesting today.

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