About Us

The marketing industry has always strongly responded to technology. Every time there’s a new innovation, marketers come up with ways to utilize it. The digital advertising industry has long been running on automation, with people buying and selling ads without interacting with any human entity. This has made the system much more efficient. People don’t need to spend time negotiating and trying to bring down the cost. 

They don’t need to figure out the complex ad purchase world, because it has changed and evolved. Programmatic ads have made things easier. They’ve made things more affordable as well. With the right amount of data and the right strategy, we can ensure that your ad is seen by your target audience.

Our Marketing Concept:

We believe that there are several elements to marketing and all of them need to work together to produce a viable marketing strategy. Different branches of marketing are like different rivers and all of them come together to form a powerful force. This powerful force will help you draw customers to your website and your business. The individual branches of mobile, local, content, social, and advertising come together here at Adfluence TV.

We want to create a cost-effective solution for all. We want to give small and mid-sized businesses the power and the right strategy to compete with the big names. That’s why we focus on local and use all of the latest technology to give you the best solutions.

A few words about us:

As we mentioned above, we’re a social, mobile, local marketing, and advertising agency. We bring all of these concepts together and help you catch the attention of your target audience. Our company doesn’t just make great videos, or just market your product; we ensure that your products reach the right people. 

We are absolutely focused and committed to helping small businesses, and make sure that you’re ready to compete with the best of them on a smaller, more affordable budget. We study your company, your target audience, and look at all the third party data we can find to ensure that your message is right and your ads offer good ROI. Our experts use advanced analytics tools, conversion metrics, call tracking, cost per acquisition data, etc, to plan your marketing strategy. 

We make sure that we use the right combination of social, mobile, local, and advertising to create a successful digital and video marketing campaign for you. 
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